The man behind the scenes! My Husband Eddie Griffin, what a blessing he is.  He keeps me going, loves the animals, and is always there for me. 

 I am Janice Cockrill-Griffin,

My husband Eddie, and I are the owners of Cockrill's Country Critters.  I have always enjoyed working with children.  At seventeen I was hired at Schumpert Medical Center in Shreveport Louisiana, and worked in Respiratory Therapy.  I loved working in pediatrics, and with Cystic Fibrosis patients. I have spent years at Childrens Hospital as a Respiratory Therapist, working in NICU.   I have four wonderful children, an amazing husband, and a lot of animals.  My desire to educate children with animals begin when a friend of the family brought me three baby pigs from the deer woods.  We had to bottle feed them, and they were precious.  

My daughter had just finished reading the book "Charlottes Web", in her 3rd grade class.  It was just in time for the children to get hands on experience, with three little pigs.  So off to school we went!  It was so rewarding to see their faces and the excitement.  It wasn't too long after that in my daughters backpack were special letters, and drawings of the pigs that her class had made.  Each child had thanked me for bringing the pigs to school.  Most of the children had never seen a tiny pig, or held one. It was great!

That is when Cockrill's Country Critters was started. 

Many of my friends and family think I'm crazy, but I'm loving every minute of it!

   This is a wonderful way to introduce them to some of God's most precious creations, and I am so blessed that he chose me to be their keeper.  What an amazing, crazy life I have been given!



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